Friday, September 14th at 12:00 PM till 7:00 PM
Recovery Bay
9721 Thomas Dr.

Panama City, FL 32408
Open house from 12:00pm till 7:00pm

Special Guest Speaker: Kenneth Copeland
Presentation of the Hugh F. Smith Scholarship
Faith at the Beach and Karen Smith


The vision for Recovery Bay is to offer a unique opportunity to experience a firm foundation of Recovery and all the benefits that go along with living a Sober Life.

There is much need for the transitional phase of Recovery when someone completes treatment, comes out of jail or prison or is at a point in life where they are wanting that extra help in living a clean and fulfilling life.

Recovery Bay’s program encompasses many modalities that are a part of Recovery, the  12-Steps; Faith Based and Holistic.  We believe everyone is unique and want to offer proven methods that will fit your beliefs and needs.

Highlights for Recovery Bay:

  • Male only 56 bed sober living facility 


  • Faith, Holistic and 12-step modalities
  • MAT Recovery
  • Actively applied for FARR Certification


  • Job Opportunity Assistance
  • Transportation to Job Assistance
  • School Re-entry Assistance

We will offer our clients the chance to live in a safe space along with having the benefits of growth in every area of their lives.  We at Recovery Bay don't look at what we are offering, but what we are able to lead, guide and direct our clients with much opportunity for a successful life.